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How can BGE help you and your family?

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Case Assessment

At BGE Mediation, we understand the critical role of thorough case assessments in establishing the foundation for successful dispute resolution. Our deep understanding of Washington state family law allows us to carefully evaluate your case, identifying your unique circumstances, objectives, and hopes, thus enabling us to strategize for the most favorable resolution.

  • Expert evaluation of individual family law cases by BGE Mediation
  • Detailed case analysis to inform dispute resolution strategy
  • Goal-oriented case assessment leading to optimal outcomes
  • Profound understanding of Washington state family law complexities
  • Reliable guidance through the intricacies of case assessments
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Parenting Plans | Child Custody

Our team at BGE Mediation specializes in developing balanced parenting plans and handling child custody matters. We focus on the child’s best interest, ensuring that their emotional and physical needs are prioritized while also considering parents’ concerns and rights.

  • BGE Mediation: experts in crafting equitable parenting plans
  • Child-focused approach to custody cases in Washington state
  • Balancing the needs of the child with parental rights and concerns
  • Commitment to minimize stress and conflict in child custody disputes
  • Aiding parents to foster positive relationships with their children post-divorce/separation
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Successful co-parenting requires effective communication, cooperation, and mutual respect. BGE Mediation is committed to fostering these attributes, helping separated or divorced parents create a positive and stable environment for their children.

  • BGE Mediation: guiding parents towards successful co-parenting strategies
  • Promoting effective communication and cooperation among co-parents
  • Ensuring children’s wellbeing is at the forefront of co-parenting plans
  • Assisting parents in managing challenges and conflicts in co-parenting
  • Nurturing a positive, stable environment for children post-separation or divorce

Other areas we can help you with

  • Property division
  • Child support payments
  • Paternity
  • Third-party child custody
  • Enforcement and modification of court orders